Water consumption of energy alternatives

Jani-Petri Martikainen (one of the early active members of our society) blogged an interesting piece on the Greenpeace report on coal water use and its relevance. The left hand seems to be largely unaware as the right hand leaves the water running while it goes plant some more energy-crops for our energy needs…


I noticed a new Greenpeace report ”Great Water Grab” on how coal use is deepening a water crisis. I glanced at the report and used it as an opportunity to learn new things about a topic I don’t follow closely. What struck me first was the authors clear unwillingness to put the water footprint of coal into a broader context. Report reads as if coal is THE reason for water stress. Even I know that almost all the water humanity uses is used in agriculture, but this you will not learn from this report. Even though it is by far the largest driver of water consumption, the word ”agriculture” (and variants of it) only appears 12 times and then in the context that coal water use conflicts with agricultural use. Incidentally ”coal” appears 448 times. So I googled to learn how much do we actually use or withdraw water. The…

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