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Deep Decarbonization with Advanced Nuclear -seminar

Presentations and panel discussions in order of appearance of the 2017 September seminar (total 16 videos). Videos will be added regularly during October 2017. You can get the whole playlist of the videos here.

01 – Seminar opening and surprise

02 – Kirsty Gogan, Energy for Humanity – The Fire Age

03 – Ben Heard, Bright New World – Deep Decarbonization

04 – King Lee, World Nuclear Association – The Harmony Project

05 – Jukka Leskelä, Finnish Energy – Energy policy and nuclear energy in Finland

06 – Rauli Partanen – Beyond electricity, decarbonizing heat and liquid fuels

07 – Discussion panel of morning session. Kirsty, Ben, King, Jukka and Rauli – Moderated by Atte Harjanne

08 – Ville Tulkki, VTT – Small Modular Reactors, what are they?

Includes opera singing by the noon session moderator Eric Meyer (Generation Atomic)

09 – Louis Plowden-Wardlaw, Terrestrial Energy – Integral Molen Salt Reactor (IMSR)

10 – Jeff Harper, X-energy – Xe-100 (High Temperature Pebble Bed Reactor)

11 – Markus Alholm, GE Power Finland Oy – PRISM Reactor

12 – Eric Ingersoll, Energy Options Network – What will advanced nuclear reactors cost?

13 – Noon discussion session

14 – Ville Skinnari (Social Democrats / SDP, Member of Parliament)

15 – Diarmuid Foley Southgate Group/Ireland – investor point of view

16 – Antti Rantakaulio, Fortum Head of SMR R&D Project

17 – Afternoon discussion session

What is Ecomodernism / Mitä on ekomodernismi?

Presentation by Janne M. Korhonen. 10.3.2016.