RePlanet National Campaigner

Part time: 2-4 days a week, employed or self employed (if requested by the applicant). 12 month contract starting by agreement 

RePlanet and Ecomodernist Society of Finland

RePlanet is a newly launched pan-European NGO. The organisation is united by a pro-science ‘eco-progressive’ philosophy that sees a positive place for democratically controlled technologies in ending the climate and nature emergency. It has volunteer members in 14 different European nations. 

Ecomodernist Society of Finland (ESF) is the national member organisation of RePlanet. ESF is your employer. More information here: 

Job Description 

As a National Campaigner you will work as the national representative of an international pan-European team based in 8 different European nations (UK, Germany, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Finland). 

You will be an experienced campaigner with a diverse skill set capable of using creative campaigning techniques to advance RePlanet’s objectives in your own country, whilst also pitching in to help RePlanet’s EU wide campaign objectives in Brussels. Your role may include some, or all, of the following: 

  • Direct lobbying of decision makers 
  • Media advocacy (writing op eds / pitching stories to journalists about our campaigns) 
  • Organising street level protests and stunts 
  • Commissioning tactical opinion polling 
  • Working with RePlanet’s research team to create and disseminate tactical pieces of research 
  • Working with RePlanet’s video production team to create and disseminate unique social media content, producing social media contents for ESF


  • Basic knowledge on the field of energy systems, sustainability, and/or environmental issues
  • Applicable university degree, or graduate student in a feasible field 
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Impeccable Finnish language skills, fluent in English
  • Previous experience of working in international cooperation
  • Previous experience in campaigning and/or political advocacy is an advantage
  • Networks in the energy sector and/or media is an advantage

You will be collaborative, creative and self-motivating, prepared to create and execute your own strategy nationally in consultation with the wider EU team. 

As a national campaigner you will work in RePlanet’s energy workstream. 

In our energy workstream we are promoting an ‘all of the above’ approach to rapid decarbonisation. This means that alongside promoting renewables, we are also acting as a unique pro-nuclear voice amongst the environmental community, fighting back against unscientific discrimination against nuclear. We are also urgently advocating for a full fossil fuel embargo on Russia with our campaign called Switch Off Putin! (


Send your application (max 1 pg) and CV (max 2 pg) by 10.6. to the Chair of ESF Esko Pettay ( You can mention 2-3 referees in your application. Title your application Campaigner_surname. 

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