Why am I involved in the Finnish ecomodernist movement?

I have always been interested in our environment and love to be in the middle of nature, in a place where one can listen to the call of the wild and see the night sky, with its multitude of stars, without light pollution. Even though this is a rarity that I seldom have the privilege to enjoy, I believe that we should strive for that Finland – as well as other countries – would in the future look as green from the airplane as is the case today. This is in line with the goals of traditional nature conservation organizations except that too often they stick to their ideology, independent of what science says and what would be the pragmatic way of thinking. In my own field, energy technology and fusion research, this can for example be seen from the attitudes towards nuclear energy as a means to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. I like the ecomodernist idea (my own interpretation): ”our opinions are based on scientific facts – and we’re happy to change the opinions if the facts change”.


Antti Hakola
Senior scientist, D. Sc. (Tech)

I’m an ecomodernist because I feel profoundly for the various forms of life on our planet.
I think the fate of the environment is too important a topic to be left for assumptions – our decisions should be based on as detailed knowledge and understanding of the world as possible. Science, technology, humanity, and nature are allies, not adversaries.
You are welcome to read more about my views on how science can help make the world better over at Thoughtscapism.


Iida Ruishalme
Writer, M.Sc. (Biology)

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